History of RAJGIR | Ancient Time of INDIA

Rajgir is a historical and exciting city. Rajgir holds immense importance in both religious and historical terms, making it a popular destination for tourists and pilgrims.


Rajgir, situated amidst beautiful mountains, is located in the Nalanda district of Bihar. Before 320 BC, Rajgir used to be the capital of Magadha, the largest state of India. In those days the name of Rajgir was Rajgruha. Because Magadha King Emperor Ashoka lived in Rajgir.

Being the capital of Magadha, Rajgir has been the main center of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism in those days. King Ashoka, Gautam Buddha, and Mahavir Jain all three liked this place very much. Emperor Ashoka ruled here for about 32 years. Gautam Buddha started the religion of Buddhism here and Mahavir Jain also spread knowledge here.

If you try to see it a little bit earlier, you will find Rajgir associated with Satya Yuga. A festival called Malmas is celebrated in Rajgir itself. Along with this, there are many such hot water pools that were made by the Gods and Goddesses, which are still present today.

22 Kund Hot Water Pond

There are 22 hot water springs at a place called Brahma Kund in Rajgir. According to mythology, these 22 hot water pools were built for the bath of the gods and goddesses during the Yagya of Malmas performed by the son of Brahma. It is surprising that even today hot water continues to emerge from these pools.

Sapt Dhara Kund is also present at this place and hot water comes out of it too. This pool of hot water created by the seven sages during Malmas Yagya is called Sapt Dhara Kund.

Swarn Bhandar

Many false rumors have also been spread about the Swarn Bhandar that it is a cave in which Jarasandh's gold treasure is kept. Some information is written in conch script on the walls of this cave. It is said that on reading this script, the door to the store of gold will open.

The real name of this cave is Son Bhandar. Which means clues. The Swarn Bhandar was built at the bottom of a mountain. In which you will find a group of many other caves. That is why its name is Son Bhandar. But people know it by the name of Swarn Bhandar.

It was built 1700 years ago by the followers of Jainism. So that by doing penance in this, they and other followers like him can get freedom.

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